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Benefit  from the daily seeds of light from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and prepare yourself to work with the light throughout the year!

Physicists have made discoveries about the waves and energy currents that circulate throughout space, as well as about light and its power. The practical application of these discoveries has been extraordinary, of course: the telephone, radio, television, the laser… and so many more besides! But what benefits have human beings themselves derived from these for their own evolution? They should have understood that they themselves emit and receive waves and currents, that their thoughts possess the same powers as light. It is dangerous when the only applications for scientific progress are practical ones that make life easier. Scientific progress should indicate new psychic and spiritual directions. Only then is it true progress.

"On the first day of the year,
make sure that this first visitor is the light ..."  >>>
"There is no more worthy, more glorious
or more potent work than this work with light...  >>>
"Let yourself be carried by the light
as if you were floating on a calm sea..." 
"The moment you decide to walk the path of light,
what seem to be very unfavourable situations begin
to work in your favour..."  >>>

"The sun’s rays are the only things that are capable of sustaining,
nourishing and increasing the flow of life in man..."  >>>
"Concentrate on light as though everything depended on it,
as though your very life depended on it...  >>>
"Moments the most important of the day are those
where we connect with the regions of light..."  >>>
"Light is a food which you must absorb and digest every single day
so that it can become thoughts, feelings and inspirations within you..."  >>>
"The only means that is permissible in attempting
to win someone’s friendship and affection, is that of light..."  >>>
"Nothing that was made was made without Light..."  >>>
"When you have learned to surround yourself with a strong,
pure aura containing all the colours of the spectrum,... >>>
"When you light a candle, gaze at the flame
until you melt into it and become yourself a flame..."  >>>