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The first 12 days of the year, 12 works...


The 7th day of the New Year ... representing July!

The spiritual Master Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov always invited us to pay attention to the first 12 days of the new year. If we imagine that each of these first 12 days symbolizes the twelve months of the new year, when we decide to give them a special impetus, it strengthens our resolutions and helps get the year started on the right track. This is why we are offering you a small 'white stone' marker for each of those 12 days - a special extract from Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov's Teachings, to reflect on during the day.

We hope you will find these helpful and that this daily practice will have a positive and lasting effect throughout the year.



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January 7,

Create a Vital Contact
with Nature

Our hands are a means of communication with other human beings and they can also be a means of communication with nature.

Therefore, as soon as you open your window or your door, every morning, you should salute the sky, the stars, the trees, the lakes... the whole of nature.

You ask, ‘What is the point of doing that?’ Well, it is to connect you directly with the source of life, for nature responds when we greet her.

When you walk past a lake, a mountain or a forest, greet them and talk to them. When you get out in the morning, greet nature and the angels of the four elements, the angels of air, earth, water and fire - and even the gnomes, water-sprites, sylphs and salamanders. And greet the trees, the rocks and the wind, also.

Try doing this and you will experience an inner feeling of balance and harmony: many unclear elements and misunderstandings will disappear, simply because you have decided to greet living nature and her creatures.

When you will be able to maintain a living bond with the whole of nature, you will feel true life flowing into you.

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Blessings of good health, happiness, and light for the new year!

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