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Daily meditations

One inspiring thought given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov for every day of the year.

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Daily meditations 1999
Daily meditationsIt is very important for men to have one central, fundamental idea around which all their other ideas revolve and which serves as a foundation and framework on which to build their whole existence. If your clearly defined, unalterable ambition is to …
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Daily meditations 1998
Daily meditationsIt is difficult to find inner balance and to maintain it, because our day-to-day lives constantly present us with problems to solve. Whether they be personal or collective, we experience these problems as shocks, upheaval, conflict. We feel shaken, …
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Daily meditations 1997
Daily meditationsAs you wake up in the morning remember to check your inner mail to see what messages have been left there overnight. Because as we sleep the soul emerges from the body and leaves for the invisible world where she travels around, studies, and works. …
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Daily meditations 1996
Daily meditationsWithout the mind, without thought, feeling is blind. And so, even if it is driven by the best intentions, it inadvertently ends in disaster. Yes indeed, even good feeling can only bring sorrow and pain if it is not guided and enlightened by thought. …
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Daily meditations 1995
Daily meditationsMental concentration is a difficult exercise which requires preparation. This preparation consists first in calming ourselves, because an agitated state disperses psychic energies. If we attempt to concentrate without having first established inner …
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Daily meditations 1994
Daily meditationsWhen a virtue manifests in you, it is not you who has created it, it is not your work. This virtue has come from far away, and you are only a conductor, a transmitter of the divine entities of which it is the incarnation.A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - …
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Daily meditations 1992
Daily meditationsYou are children of the twentieth century and the twentieth century is said to be the century of progress. Yes, technological progress, that is indeed true : when it comes to technological progress human beings have indeed accomplished wonders. But …
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