Christmas Time - #4


"It is the cosmic event of Christ's birth which is of far greater importance, for it is the first manifestation of life in nature, the beginning of all outpourings. But the Nativity is also a mystical event, for Christ, the principle of divine Light and Love,must be born in each individual human soul. This is the true birth of Jesus, and so long as man does not possess that Light and Love in his soul, the Divine Child cannot be born within him. He can celebrate and wait for His coming as much as he likes, but nothing will happen."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

What do we celebrate at Christmas?

"Cosmic Birth" - Painting by Mary_Southard

"Thoughts and feelings materialise":
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"At Christmas, we celebrate the union of the soul and spirit. They unite to give birth to a seed which is the beginning of a new consciousness within us. This consciousness manifests as an inner light that dispels all heat of such intensity that, even if the whole world abandons us, we never feel an abundant life that bursts forth wherever our feet take us. This consciousness is also accompanied by an influx of forces that we wish to consecrate to the edification and construction of the Kingdom of God, and at the same time by the extraordinary joy of feeling ourselves to be part of this immensity, linked to the whole universe and to all evolved souls. And finally, we are certain that no one can take this joy from us. In India, this state is called buddhic consciousness, and the Christians call it the birth of Christ. "


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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