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Complete Works

The Complete Works collection consists of several hundred improvised talks - 19 volumes available in English

Love and Sexuality - Part 2
Complete WorksOnly those who live in love, in the subtle, etheric dimension of love, truly possess it.
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Hrani Yoga - The alchemical and magical meaning of nutrition
Complete WorksOn eating the food, the spirit impregnates our own matter which it transforms, enlightens and regenerates.
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Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 1
Complete Works“Know thyself” was the maxim inscribed on the pediment of the temple at Delphi. What is this ‘self’ that we have to know?
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Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 2
Complete WorksAll science and all wisdom lies in knowing oneself, in finding oneself, in the fusion of one's lower self with one's higher self.
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A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science (1)
Complete WorksNothing can prevent the coming of the new era, the new Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius.
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A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science (2)
Complete WorksWith the Age of Aquarius, the splendour and harmonious beauty of the new life that is in store for mankind surpasses the imagination.
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On the Art of Teaching, from the Initiatic Point of View (3)
Complete WorksParents and teachers have every material means at their disposal for the proper education of children...
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Life and Work in an Initiatic School (1)
Complete WorksHenceforth, try to change your mental habits, to adopt a broader point of view; try to become more aware of being part of the cosmos.
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The Fruits of the Tree of Life - The Cabbalistic Tradition
Complete WorksThe Sephirotic Tree, the Tree of Life of the Cabbalah, is an image of the universe, inhabited by God and impregnated with His quintessence.
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