Daily meditations 1999

Daily meditations 1999


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It is very important for men to have one central, fundamental idea around which all their other ideas revolve and which serves as a foundation and framework on which to build their whole existence. If your clearly defined, unalterable ambition is to become perfect, all your other thoughts and ideas will see this goal as their master and begin to submit to it and take part in the work it is doing within you. Whenever any alien, negative thoughts and feelings slip in, they will find themselves obliged to serve the divine world, to work for the Lord, just as you, yourself, have decided to do. In this way, the animals which stray into your inner garden in order to trample it all underfoot will become subject to that one, fundamental idea: it will be their master.So harbour, every day, one fundamental idea which will give the heavenly entities and the forces of the invisible world, the chance to do their work in you.'

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