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Daily meditations 2005

Collection Daily meditations

Daily meditations 2005


392 pages

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Daily life is like a current that sweeps you along, and you do not always have the time and opportunity to reflect and to see where it is taking you. Yet, all activity can be beneficial, as long as it is attached to a high ideal, a divine philosophy. As long as you maintain this link, each of your activities can bring you something beneficial.

  • Reincarnation (Sunbeam Collection)
  • Spiritual Alchemy
  • On the Art of Teaching, from the Initiatic Point of View (3)
  • Female choir
  • Man, Master of his Destiny
  • The Living Book of Nature
  • Angels and other Mysteries of The Tree of Life
  • Sons and Daughters of God
  • The Laughter of a Sage
  • The Mystery of Light by Georg Feuerstein