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Daily meditations

One inspiring thought given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov for every day of the year.

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Daily meditations 2008
Daily meditations4 JanuaryDo you aspire to inner peace? Few things are as difficult to obtain. But work on the idea of loving, of doing good, of forgiving others and bringing harmony everywhere you go. The time will come when this idea becomes so powerful it will …
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Daily meditations 2007
Daily meditations12 MayTo become truly alive means to awaken to the infinite manifestations of life around us, to greet those we meet with respect, to see the spark of divine life in them and to thank them for all they give us or do for us, sometimes without our …
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Daily meditations 2006
Daily meditations30 April In the morning, when you open your window or leave your house, you see the sky and the sun. Try to look at them as if for the first time, and you will discover an entire, subtle life that until now has escaped your notice, because you have …
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Daily meditations 2005
Daily meditationsDaily life is like a current that sweeps you along, and you do not always have the time and opportunity to reflect and to see where it is taking you. Yet, all activity can be beneficial, as long as it is attached to a high ideal, a divine …
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Daily meditations 2004
Daily meditations24 march : Whatever happens to you, do not become troubled or discouraged, but see to it that your spirit gradually regains control of the situation. In this way you will discover true freedom, because the spirit soars high over events, and it alone …
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Daily meditations 2003
Daily meditations22 february: In order to be happy, men and women must learn to work with thought, feeling, imagination, and will-power, in order to prepare in the invisible the coming of a world of peace, harmony, and light. It is in this work that you will find …
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Daily meditations 2002
Daily meditations29 april : From dawn until dusk, people's everyday lives consist of a constinuous chain of activities and preoccupations, which project them towards the periphery of their being. This means that at the close of day they realize they have forgotten …
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Daily meditations 2000
Daily meditationsYes, in order to be safe we must cling to the divine summit, so that when the waves of human passion, both yours and those of the people around you, begin to wash over you, you will not be carried away. If you feel crushed, disoriented, even …
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Daily meditations 1999
Daily meditationsIt is very important for men to have one central, fundamental idea around which all their other ideas revolve and which serves as a foundation and framework on which to build their whole existence. If your clearly defined, unalterable ambition is to …
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