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DVD PAL - Breathing, key to the rhythms of the universe

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DVD PAL - Breathing, key to the rhythms of the universe


Video lecture in French - Subtitles in 11 languages - DVD PAL - Length: 55’

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‘Breathe in, breathe out… breathe in, breathe out… Breathing affects not only our physical life but all manifestations of our psychic life. Meditation, prayer and ecstasy are all forms of breathing.
The yogis and ascetics of India in particular have a deep understanding of the importance of breathing. Their intensive investigations have led them to realize that all the rhythms of our organism can be harmonized with the rhythms of the cosmic breath.’

Subtitles in 11 languages
Deutsch / Ελληνικά / English / Español / Français / Italiano / Magyar / Nederlands / Polski / Português/ Română

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