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 If You want to be Happy, Be Alive!

The Seeds of Happiness
Izvor CollectionPerfection, immensity and eternity. In pursuing this goal, you will find all the things you desire: knowledge, wealth, power and love.
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The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy
Izvor CollectionTrue joy is not the result of anything visible or tangible. It is joy without a reason.
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The Key to the Problems of Existence
Complete WorksInstead of waging a losing battle against our lower nature, we can learn to control and use it to elevate ourselves.
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Golden Rules for Everyday Life
Izvor CollectionIt is by meditation and prayer that you pick up that subtler, purer element that enables you to give a new dimension to all your acts.
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Creation: Artistic and Spiritual
Izvor CollectionThe laws of true artistic creation are identical with the laws of spiritual creation.
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