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Inner Thoughts - #1

"If we are to keep people’s interest and attention, we must endlessly provide them with something new! But if they are to build their inner lives, they must, on the contrary, make a habit of returning again and again to the same subjects. Yes, the same subjects, but studied under different circumstances: in the morning, in the evening, before and after meals, during the night, when they are alone, or in relationship to others. They will discover that these subjects take on different aspects, that they breathe and change. Consider a garden in springtime, in summer, then in autumn and winter: it is always the same garden, but how different! In your spiritual life you must also return again and again to the same subjects and observe them from every angle. This is where you will find novelty."

We reap what we have sown

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"The first law of morality is very simple and can be observed in the field of agriculture: we reap what we have sown. This means that if you do good, you will one day reap the fruits of it. You will say that we cannot always see the fruits of good in the world. This is because we do not make our observations over a sufficiently long period of time. Cosmic laws are in less of a hurry than we are. They obey another kind of time, and this is why the rewards often appear somewhat delayed…and the punishments too, for that matter. If you become impatient, if you rebel because you feel you have not received the rewards you deserve, you complicate the situation. Why suffer and torment yourself? Sooner or later, without fail, these rewards will come, and if you do not waste time waiting for them, you will be free, detached. If you rebel, it means you are not in possession of the truth. For every good deed you have done, the gifts are already on the way, so have faith!"

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov



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