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Izvor Collection

Our popular pocket books The Izvor Collection presents all the main themes found in the talks of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - 42 pocket books available

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Toward a Solar Civilization
Izvor CollectionThe sun exists within each one of us and, if allowed to, can manifest its presence in our consciousness.
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Man, Master of his Destiny
Izvor CollectionThose who think they are entirely free must put up with their fate because of their ignorance of the laws which govern the invisible world.
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Education Begins Before Birth
Izvor CollectionUltimately, it is by example that parents and pedagogues should accomplish their educational mission with children.
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The Yoga of Nutrition
Izvor CollectionOmraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov teaches that our attitude toward nutrition is far more important than what we eat or how much we eat.
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Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon
Izvor CollectionSexual energy is like petrol: if you are ignorant and use it carelessly you will burn yourself; your very quintessence will be destroyed.
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A Philosophy of Universality
Izvor CollectionAn awareness of universality is the fruit of a long and patient education.
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What is a Spiritual Master?
Izvor CollectionIt is true that a Master is that prodigious being who can lead men to the highest summits of the spirit.
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The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace
Izvor CollectionWhen peace reigns within us then, and then only, can we truly contribute to peace in the world.
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Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition
Izvor CollectionThese two feasts are two different ways of celebrating the regeneration of men and women and their birth into the spiritual world.
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The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Izvor CollectionThe solution of the question of evil lies in knowing the methods of how to work with it and to use its power.
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