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Izvor Collection

Our popular pocket books The Izvor Collection presents all the main themes found in the talks of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - 44 pocket books available

Angels and other Mysteries of The Tree of Life
Izvor CollectionGod is like a pure current of electricity which has to pass through transformers before it reaches us.
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 Cosmic Balance - The Secret of Polarity
Izvor CollectionLibra, the Scales of the zodiac, is a reflection of the cosmic scales, the equilibrium between the two opposite and complementary principle.
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The Faith that Moves Mountains
Izvor CollectionWe can move a mountain, but only if we are ready to move it stone by stone.
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Love Greater Than Faith
Izvor CollectionTry, not to make others suffer, and of course, you must not abandon them. Remember that love is always greater than faith.
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Sons and Daughters of God
Izvor CollectionThe love for one’s neighbour which was taught by Jesus and which stems from this truth that humans are children of the same Father.
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The Philosopher's stone in the Gospels and in Alchemy
Izvor CollectionThe Gospels can be understood and interpreted in the light of alchemical science.
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The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy
Izvor CollectionTrue joy is not the result of anything visible or tangible. It is joy without a reason.
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The Laughter of a Sage
Izvor CollectionThe sage’s laugh is a laugh of freedom. For what the sage has understood has freed him from the pointless burdens of life.
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P0244AN - ‘Walk While You Have the Light’  - NEW RELEASE !
‘Walk While You Have the Light’
Izvor CollectionKeep walking the path of light. And what will be at the end of the path? You will find out when you arrive, and you will be dazzled.
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