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Izvor Collection

Our popular pocket books The Izvor Collection presents all the main themes found in the talks of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - 44 pocket books available

New Light on the Gospels
Izvor CollectionOmraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov interprets all these familiar tales, whether real or symbolic, told by the Gospels.
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The Symbolic Language of Geometrical Figures
Izvor CollectionGeometrical figures are, as it were, the framework or skeleton of reality.
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Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres
Izvor CollectionIn order to experience other, new sensations, we must call into play those other, subtler organs and centres which we all possess.
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The Zodiac, Key to Man and to the Universe
Izvor CollectionThe constellations and planets are the hieroglyphs, the sacred letters which reveal how mankind and the world were created.
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True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection
Izvor CollectionOnce you know the rules of spiritual alchemy you will be able to transform and use the negative forces that exist in such abundance.
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Man's Psychic Life : Elements and Structures
Izvor CollectionWhen an Initiate wants to study one or other aspect of man's psychic structure, he applies the same method as an anatomist.
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Creation: Artistic and Spiritual
Izvor CollectionThe laws of true artistic creation are identical with the laws of spiritual creation.
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The Powers of Thought
Izvor Collection'Every one of our thoughts is pregnant with the power of the spirit which brought it into being, that power is constantly at work.
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Harmony and Health
Izvor CollectionThe best weapon against illness is harmony. Night and day think about synchronizing yourself with the whole of life.
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