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Izvor Collection

Our popular pocket books The Izvor Collection presents all the main themes found in the talks of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - 44 pocket books available

The Book of Divine Magic
Izvor CollectionTrue magic, divine magic, lies in using all one's faculties, all one's knowledge, toward realizing the Kingdom of God on earth.
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Golden Rules for Everyday Life
Izvor CollectionIt is by meditation and prayer that you pick up that subtler, purer element that enables you to give a new dimension to all your acts.
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Looking into the Invisible - Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
Izvor CollectionEach individual receives the degree of clairvoyance that matches his level of evolution.
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The Path of Silence
Izvor CollectionIn reality, there is more than one kind of silence: the silence of death and the silence of a higher degree of life. It is this silence.
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The Book of Revelations: a Commentary
Izvor CollectionOnce one knows the hidden meaning of the numbers and symbols, the result is an extraordinarily logical whole.
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The Seeds of Happiness
Izvor CollectionPerfection, immensity and eternity. In pursuing this goal, you will find all the things you desire: knowledge, wealth, power and love.
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The Mysteries of Fire and Water
Izvor CollectionWhat is more beautiful, more poetic or more full of meaning than water and fire, and the different forms in which they appear to us?
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Youth: Creators of the Future
Izvor CollectionWe can say that a young person's formative years can be compared to the period when the earth itself was being formed.
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Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love
Izvor CollectionOnly wisdom and love exist... It is your love and wisdom that will show you truth.
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Izvor CollectionThose who achieve an expansion of consciousness are free to work without restrictions to build a future for themselves.
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