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Calendar 2012: « Into the hearth of the rose »
MiscellaneousThe 12 thoughts of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, in English and in French, come from the book « A Living Book, Autobiographical Reflexions 1 …
Calendar 2013: « The Four Elements - Earth »
MiscellaneousMay 2013 A flower is not just a piece of matter with colour and fragrance; it is the home of an entity who talks to us of earth and heaven. …
Calendar 2014: 'The Four Elements - Water'
MiscellaneousJune 'When you are watching flowing water, you can entrust it with your best thoughts and best wishes, both for yourself and for all living …
Calendar 2015: 'The Four Elements - Air'
MiscellaneousEvery expression of ourselves emits sounds: each thought, feeling and action that respects the laws of wisdom and love resonates musically.
Calendar 2016: 'The Four Elements - Fire'
Miscellaneous'In the beginning, God, the primordial fire, generated light and projected it into space. The universe is nothing other than this substance
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Calendar 2017: 'Freedom or the call of the heights'
Miscellaneous'We are not always free to determine the events we will have to face, but we are free to decide how we will live them. Our freedom lies in t
Calendar 2018: 'In Nature’s sanctuary'
MiscellaneousNature is alive. That is why we can speak with stones, trees, rivers, mountains and stars, even though they do not understand our human...
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Calendar 2019: 'Giving and receiving joy'
MiscellaneousIf you think of calling on joy every morning, when life starts to feel dull and monotonous at certain moments during the day...
Calendar 2020: 'Brotherhood, a universal consciousness'
MiscellaneousTry to discover how to help human beings and show them your love but don’t expect anything in return.
Calendar 2021: 'What trees teach us'
MiscellaneousLike the tree, human beings receive energies from the cosmic ocean, and they receive these energies as much through their roots as...
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