Seed of Light - Day 3

Enjoy one short Thought on Light to meditate on, and contribute to a more luminous world!


"You will be able to truly communicate with the divine world if you endeavour to rise to the summit of your inner being. When you sense you have at last reached a region beyond the dust and the clouds, that is to say, beyond the astral plane and the lower mental plane, stay right there for as long as you can. Then, as it is hard to keep up this effort of concentration for more than a few minutes, release the tension a little, and let yourself be carried by the light as if you were floating on a calm sea.

"You are no longer thinking, barely feeling, but your soul is there, alive and vibrant, absorbing the subtlest elements of the regions of light. Repeat this exercise as often as possible. You will notice that when you have to get back to your usual activities in your family and social life, these spiritual elements you have captured will bring you inner harmony. And your desire to work, to help others, to live in harmony with them, will increase too. This is an unmistakable feeling; it gives you confirmation that you are still in communication with the divine world." - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Light is a Living Spirit
Light is the Word uttered by the Creator and by means of this Light He created the world.
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The Importance of Light (Sunbeam Collection)
'Ordinary humans nourish themselves only with solid, liquid and gaseous elements. And what do they do with the fourth element, light?...
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A New Earth - Methods, exercises, formulas, prayers
A great many people today feel the need for some practical methods that will help them to grow spiritually. A 'New Earth' responds to that.
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Video-clip: "Meditation is learning how to remain linked to the divine world"

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