Seed of Light - Day 9

Enjoy one short Thought on Light to meditate on, and contribute to a more luminous world!


"The only means that is permissible in attempting to win someone’s friendship and affection, is that of light. The only means acceptable to Heaven and which is also the most powerful is light. So if you want someone to think of you and love you, send him a gift of spiritual light, a bouquet of light; surround him with light. If you do this, his soul, feeling the presence of a beneficial entity, will appreciate you more and more. Do you want your friends to be pleased to see you when you go to visit them? If so, before you go into someone’s house, stop and recollect yourself for a few moments and picture that house and all who live in it bathed in light. If you do this how could they be anything but pleased to see you?" - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Light is a Living Spirit
Light is the Word uttered by the Creator and by means of this Light He created the world.
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The Importance of Light (Sunbeam Collection)
'Ordinary humans nourish themselves only with solid, liquid and gaseous elements. And what do they do with the fourth element, light?...
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A New Earth - Methods, exercises, formulas, prayers
A great many people today feel the need for some practical methods that will help them to grow spiritually. A 'New Earth' responds to that.
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Video-clip: "Thoughts and Feelings materialise"

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