Small Package - 13 Items, 7 Titles

Small Package


Small Package for Little Free Libraries or Personal Distribution - 13 Items, 7 Titles

$ 200.00 $ 13.00 Small Package for Little Free Libraries or Personal Distribution Order

Two each of six different titles, plus one additional book.

Plant these seeds of the Teaching in one or two Little Free Libraries and/or share them personally with new readers! (Find Little Free Libraries near you at )

Subsidized price includes shipping via Media Mail anywhere in the US. Faster shipping available for $10 more (you can request this in Step Four of the checkout process).

60 of these packages are available. Items may vary slightly from photo.

Small Package: 13 Items, 7 Titles, $13
Medium Package: 25 Items, 20+ Titles, $99
Large Package: 50+ Items, 35+ Titles, $175

Double Pack: 100+ Items, 50+ Titles, $350
Triple Pack: 150+ Items, 60+ Titles, $500


  • Meditation
  • The Divine Seed  (Sunbeam Collection)
  • Set of 9 CDs of Mystical Music
  • The Living Book of Nature
  • The Seeds of Happiness
  • Daily Meditations 2022
  • Set of 30 Daily Meditation books

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