The Sun as a Model - #1


Take the sun as your model, as it sheds light, warmth and life. You will say there are other models: a scientist perhaps, an artist, a philosopher, a hero, a saint or a spiritual Master, and they seem so much more accessible than the sun! Of course, and you will no doubt be influenced by their qualities and virtues. But in reality you will always be missing something. Even if you take the greatest Masters of humanity as your models, you will still not have the image of true perfection.

The image of true perfection is the sun, and if you take it as a model and wish, like the sun, to bring light, warmth and life to all creatures, you will undergo a deep transformation. Your light, your warmth and your life will never equal the sun’s, of course, but simply wanting to acquire them will transport you to the celestial regions, where you will work wonders. The desire to give light, warmth and life like the sun will make you yourself more light-filled, warmer and more alive.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - Daily Meditation June 6, 2015


Our Higher Self dwells in the Sun


Our work with the sun at sunrise, our meditations and prayers, are all aimed at restoring communications, of building a bridge between our lower self, down here, and our higher self in the sun. When the bridge is built and communications restored, we shall once again be united with that higher self that dwells with God in constant happiness and bliss and boundless freedom.

Now, let me explain a method which can help you: when you go up to the Rock of Prayer in the morning for the sunrise. Imagine that you are up there, in the sun, from where you can see that creature down here: that creature that is you, yourself. You project yourself out of your body and amuse yourself, watching and smiling at yourself sitting down here: ‘Oh, look at that funny creature down there; to think that it’s me. How small and puny they look! But I’m going to help them; I will. I’ll give them all the help they need.’

If you do this very simple exercise every day, you will already be starting to rebuild the bridge. Nobody can tell you how long it will take to complete the job, for you are not building with iron, steel or concrete, but with another, far subtler matter, matter from the mental plane.



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The Sun as a Model
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