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The Visible and the Invisible - #1


If it is difficult to get human beings to accept that the unseen world is a reality, it is because the organs that would enable them to perceive and comprehend that world are still not as highly developed as the sense organs of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste which put them in touch with the physical world.

Most men and women think that the notion of another world peopled with innumerable invisible beings that are just as real, and often a great deal more highly evolved than those they rub shoulders with every day, is too far-fetched, too ridiculous to be taken seriously. To their way of thinking, anything that cannot be perceived by human beings or by one of the highly sophisticated instruments used by scientists simply does not exist.

This is very faulty reasoning. Can they see the one thing that is essential to them, their own life? Suppose you see a man’s body stretched out on the ground. He is visible; he is tangible, but he is dead; something invisible has left him, that something that once enabled him to walk about, to love and speak and think. You can put all the food and all the treasures of the world by his side, telling him, ‘There you are, my friend: all that is for you. Enjoy it!’ but it will not change anything; you will get no reaction.  In the face of this, how can anyone doubt the existence of the invisible world? The visible world would be nothing if it were not animated and sustained by the invisible world.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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We should always seek the invisible world behind what is visible. If the world exists for you, if you can see the earth and the sky and the sun, it is because there is an invisible principle within you that enables you to see them through the visible instruments of your eyes. If that invisible principle were not there your eyes would be no use at all, you would not see anything with them. The visible world is simply the outer wrapping of the invisible world without which we could know nothing of what exists around us.

Sleep - a sacred journey we make into the other world


At night, while you are asleep, the conditions are right for you to learn in the invisible world. And even if you are left with no clear memory of what you learned, you can sometimes feel that new elements have been added to the way you understand things. Each day is a new life. Each morning you are born into the world, and each evening you leave the world. It is important that you live this last moment of your day well, for it sets the conditions for the following day. Whatever your day has been like, as you go to sleep try to dispel everything that might obscure your consciousness. Call on the highest thoughts and feelings to accompany you on the sacred journey you are about to make into the other world. Tomorrow you will enter the new day with feelings of light, peace and joy.

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