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Using Thought to transform your life - Meditation

By projecting your thoughts into the farthest reaches of space,
you can send out messages of light to help, comfort, enlighten and heal others.

The Powers of Thought
Izvor Collection'Every one of our thoughts is pregnant with the power of the spirit which brought it into being, that power is constantly at work.
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Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 1
Complete Works“Know thyself” was the maxim inscribed on the pediment of the temple at Delphi. What is this ‘self’ that we have to know?
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Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 2
Complete WorksAll science and all wisdom lies in knowing oneself, in finding oneself, in the fusion of one's lower self with one's higher self.
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The Path of Silence
Izvor CollectionIn reality, there is more than one kind of silence: the silence of death and the silence of a higher degree of life. It is this silence.
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B0302AN - Meditation
BrochuresNever forget that it is by your meditations that you allow your inner Self to express itself and reach its full flowering.
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Looking into the Invisible - Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
Izvor CollectionEach individual receives the degree of clairvoyance that matches his level of evolution.
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Sunrise Meditations
BrochuresThere are spiritual foods just as there are material foods.