What the Future of Humanity Could Be

What the Future of Humanity Could Be


First book by The Aquarian Team

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Do you wonder where the world is going? Do you feel like the only stability left is change? Why are we here, and where do we go from here? What the Future of Humanity Could Be!

In this book, we explore key dimensions such as politics, economy, education, art, nature, the role of women/motherhood, etc. and bring them under the light of the Initiatic understanding of renowned initiates, sages, and great masters, particularly Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

Humanity is coming to the end of an era of materialization and is at the threshold of a new era, one of spiritualization. We are at a crossroads. Our awakening and cooperation as a global family, a universal family, are the surest way to face the twenty-first century.

This book is an opportunity to see with new eyes, with a new consciousness.

The future can be harmonious and glorious. May we open up, go within, and explore our inner riches, the ones deposited by the Creator in the depth of our soul!

The exercises of visualization and affirmation at the end of each chapter are a way to uplift your consciousness to a new realm, that of universal love and cosmic light. Enjoy!

1. Politics: Aristocracy, Democracy and Synarchy
2. Economy: To Take and to Give
3. Education versus Pedagogy
4. Evolution and Involution
5. The Role of Women and Motherhood
6. Science, Conscience and Superconsciousness
7. Art, Source of Inspiration for the Soul
8. Nature and its Changes
9. Aquarius: Fusion of the Religions
10. Melchizedek: Master of Masters
11. Creating Unity among all Spiritualists
12. A Golden Age
Epiloque, Acknowledgements and About the Authors

  • The New Year
  • The Fruits of the Tree of Life - The Cabbalistic Tradition
  • Calendar 2020: 'Brotherhood, a universal consciousness'
  • Melodies of the Master Peter Deunov
  • DVD PAL - Prayer and the Value of Community
  • A New Humanity Is Rising
  • The Book of Revelations: a Commentary
  • Sons and Daughters of God
  • The Laughter of a Sage
  • Daily meditations 1992

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