Artistic creation - #1

Becoming a true Artist

"An artist’s ideal is what matters most, because it is always the ideal that is reflected in a work. Even in works that are less than perfect, those who have a high ideal inevitably introduce something good and beautiful. The perfect execution of a work does not attest to a high ideal; it reveals only the effort involved, the expertise, the technique. Sometimes an artist produces a work which has been inspired by higher realms but is poorly executed. This doesn’t matter if he has a high ideal and perseveres; the technique will come. Most people haven’t understood this and give priority to talent without concern for how it is used or what it expresses. Without a high ideal, talent can be the downfall of an artist. This is why he must give priority to a high ideal; he must sustain and nourish it, and the talent will follow. An artist who abandons his ideal, however, will sooner or later lose his talent. People’s creative potential, whether in the sciences, in the arts or even in everyday life, depends entirely on their ideal."

illuminating the imagination

Artist : Josephine Wall

"Before they set to work, artists must collect themselves, meditate and ask heaven for its blessings if they wish to become true creators, for only heaven can bring them this light which illuminates the imagination. For their efforts to rise in themselves, to project themselves into higher realms, they are given the revelation of true beauty, as well as the ability to express and transmit it. If, when he is inspired, man is able to create masterpieces, it is because his whole being is impregnated with this spiritual light he has received. Only the spirit within him is capable of producing creations that are immortal.
The true artist, however, is one who is able to enter inwardly into relationship with the divine world and to maintain this connection. Be they painters, sculptors, architects, dancers, musicians or poets, it is only this link with the divine world that can introduce into their creative work this element of the eternal that gives a work of art its worth."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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