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Daily Meditation: Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Christianity - the need to reconsider its foundation

Some Christians have great difficulty believing everything the Church teaches about the divinity of Jesus: about his birth, resurrection and ascension into heaven. They experience these difficulties first of all because these doctrines contradict the laws of nature and even go against simple common sense. Nevertheless, these same people remain devoutly Christian, because they know that by his life and teaching Jesus is an unsurpassable model. Furthermore, when Christians have some knowledge of other religions, they cannot help but observe that these faiths are based on concepts just as elevated as those of Christianity. They wonder why they are asked to believe that Jesus is the only son of God, and that their religion alone will bring them salvation. Does it make sense to think that only once in human history, two thousand years ago, God sent his only son? By whom, then, were these other religions founded? By inferior beings who were not sons of God? And are those who follow these religions mistaken? If they lead exemplary lives, are they not equally worthy in God’s eyes? Oh yes, more and more people are preoccupied with these questions.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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