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Daily Meditation: Sunday, March 26, 2023

Love - always the same force but with many degrees

What force is it that teaches you how to look at someone you love with great tenderness, how to caress them, be good to them and give them presents? And what force is it that tells you how to look daggers or hit someone you are angry with? Whether it is love or anger, it is the same force. Sometimes it manifests itself gently in the Venusian manner, with poetic expressiveness and delicacy. Sometimes it expresses itself in a Martian manner and can be terrifying. But it is always the same force. This becomes obvious when love, manifested on too low a level, turns into violence. The person tries to impose their own will, becomes harsh and cruel, and seeks to satisfy their own appetites and desires without consideration for the other. Of course, this kind of love is not very aesthetic, neither is it beneficial, generous or divine. But if your love is of a higher degree, you will be obliged to behave with tenderness and delicacy and to show much more consideration for the present and future happiness of the one you love. This is the only difference.*

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
See also Love and Sexuality - Part 2, chapter XIX

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