Christmas Time - #2

"The birth of Jesus was a historical event of major importance. But if all that was needed was for Jesus to be born two thousand years ago, why has the kingdom of God not yet come on earth? Wars, misfortunes, illness – all that should have disappeared… True disciples know that the Christ is born into the world on Christmas Eve in the form of light, warmth and life, and they prepare the right conditions for the divine Child to also be born within themselves. Yes, but unless the Christ is born in us there will be no point. It is now up to each person to have the desire to bring about Christ’s birth within their soul and to become like him, so that the earth may become inhabited by Christs! It all rests on preparing the conditions."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Christmas - the birth of the Christ within

Painting: "An encounter" by Mary_Southard, CSJ

Everything we want to manifest must be prepared a long time in advance. Make no mistake: to truly achieve anything in the visible world, you must already have worked in the invisible world for a long time.....
The activities that make us true creators are prayer, meditation, contemplation and identification. In our desire to elevate ourselves and enter into the universal Soul, we fertilize the light, the very matter of creation, with our spirit. Thus, our soul receives seeds from the cosmic Spirit and gives birth to divine children – to inspiration, joy and actions that are just, kind and noble. This is another meaning of the celebration of Christmas."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov



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"Preparation is necessary before anything can manifest. For nine months, the unborn child exists in a kind of nocturnal state, in which everything is being made ready. In the darkness of its mother’s womb all the organs of its body are forming: its lungs, heart, brain… If the building of its body does not take place in the right conditions, the child’s life in the full light of day will be compromised, for the day of its earthly existence is dependent on the night of the gestation period...


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