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Daily meditations

One inspiring thought given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov for every day of the year.

Daily Meditations 2022
Daily meditationsSilence, peace and harmony are expressions of the same reality. Do not believe that silence is empty and mute...
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Daily Meditations 2021
Daily meditationsEach human being can be compared to a drop of water, and each drop of water falls exactly where...
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Daily Meditations 2020
Daily meditationsA universal remedy exists which restores health and equilibrium to the body. This remedy is love.
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Daily Meditations 2019
Daily meditationsSomeone who expresses their gratitude to the Creator the moment they awake increases their inner love and light...
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Daily Meditations 2018
Daily meditationsLet the spring of love flow within you. Through your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, your words, let it gush forth over all the...
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Daily Meditations 2017
Daily meditationsTrue silence can be defined as the highest region of our soul. The moment we reach this region, we enter into Cosmic Light.
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Daily Meditations 2016
Daily meditationsHow much land has turned to desert due to lack of water! But, also, how many deserts have become fertile land once they had a water supply!
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Daily Meditations 2015
Daily meditations'Do not expect your equilibrium and salvation to depend on achieving great things. As the possibilities for accomplishing great feats...
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Daily Meditations 2014
Daily meditations1 January:Just as someone setting out on a long hike will take provisions in their rucksack to have something to eat on the way, we need to …
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Daily Meditations 2013
Daily meditations30 December 2013 Even at the modest stage you have reached, you can contribute to the good of all humankind. Devote at least a few minutes …
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