Daily Meditations 2016

Daily Meditations 2016


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12 June:
How much land has turned to desert due to lack of water! But, also, how many deserts have become fertile land once they had a water supply! Water is life flowing. Those who wish to become a fertile land should always allow the water of life to flow within them, without concern for which trees will grow, flower and give fruit, or which birds will come to sing in them.
Some might say, ‘But first I want to know in advance where this tree or this bird will be, and on which branch the bird will sing.’ If they wait to know all the details before deciding to let the water flow, centuries will go by without any grass growing or bird singing. So let the water flow, and you will see how everything will find its place, how everything will sing and everything will flower. Letting the water flow means never ceasing to love. Whatever happens, never close your heart, for that would be letting your inner world turn to desert. Others may not need your love, but you do need to love.

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