Four new items for 2023 - Special package for $50

Four new items for 2023


Keep up to date with the latest releases from Prosveta — FOUR new items featuring Master Omraam's Teaching: two books, a booklet, and a calendar

$ 61.80 $ 50.00 Special package price Order

1. The Two Trees of Paradise (Complete Works, volume 3)

2. 2024 Daily Meditations

3. 2024 Calendar: Flowers and Fruits

4. Sunrise Meditations (back in print)

Get all four for $50 (20% off)

  • Mystical chants
  • Only a high ideal brings fulfilment - DVD NTSC
  • Man's Two Natures, Human and Divine
  • New Light on the Gospels
  • True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection
  • Harmony and Health
  • The Laughter of a Sage
  • Bringing Symbols to Life - The gymnastic exercises
  • Autobiographical Reflections, Vol 1 & 2
  • The Pentagram Biography Series (5 books)

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