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Daily Meditation: Friday, April 8, 2005

Human Soul - can never be dominated

Love and hate are most often manifestations of the same need to dominate others. Yes, observe yourself. Don’t you have a tendancy to try to monopolize the one you love? But in doing so, what are you actually protecting? Can you prevent others from coming in contact with this person? There is no lack of opportunity, and if you are not reasonable and understanding, you are going to suffer. You are like the owner of a park who wants to prevent the flowers from diffusing their perfume everywhere and the visitors from inhaling it. In fact, what you are guarding so jealously is the body of your loved one, in other words her envelope, her shell… As for her soul, it is free. And it is the same for those you dislike and want to bring down: what can you actually take hold of? The essence of a person, which is to say his thoughts and feelings, cannot be seized. We can succeed in taking hold of his physical body for a time, but not the mysterious being who inhabits it.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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