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Daily Meditation: Sunday, October 17, 2010

Imprints - leaving beneficial ones wherever we go

It is said of people who are filled with hate, violence and the spirit of destruction that where they go the grass does not grow back. Clearly, this image is symbolic, yet it is no exaggeration. And there are other beings, in contrast, who are filled with love and kindness and leave such beneficial imprints in their wake that those who come after them feel enlightened, warmed and revitalized. So, doesn't knowing this truth inspire in you the desire to appear as a beneficial presence wherever you go? No matter where you are, for at least a few moments, think of expressing your highest wishes. Say, 'May all those who come here be touched by light! Since they are all children of God, may the wish to work for peace and brotherhood be communicated to them!' You will say that no one has ever spoken to you about such a practice. But why should anyone have to tell you about it? Do you need to be reminded to wish the very best for those who are dear to you? No, you do so spontaneously, for your feelings incline you to do so. So why not also think of expressing your best wishes spontaneously to the whole world?

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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