The first 12 days of the year ...12 works

This is the 12th day of the New Year - representing December - and this is the last 'white stone' marker for the New Year!
Thank you for accompanying us in our reflections over the last 12 days on these extracts from Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov's Teachings.
We trust that this daily practice will have a positive and lasting effect throughout the year and we look forward to continuing the journey together, discovering more of the Master's unique Lessons for a Luminous Life. 


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Golden Rules for Everyday Life
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January 12,

Live in an
atmosphere of poetry

To constantly see faces around you that are gloomy, sad, tense, aloof or hostile is not a pleasant experience.

In fact, even if we have no reason to feel sad or unhappy, we cannot help but be affected by such negative influences and, as likely as not, we will go home with an uneasy feeling which we will pass on to our family.

This is the life that human beings continually create for one another. Why don’t they always make an effort to show others a bright, open, smiling face? They don’t know how to live a poetic life which would make them a source of constant delight to others. True poetry is not confined to literature; true poetry is a quality of the inner life. Everyone appreciates the arts, painting, music, dance, sculpture, etc., but why don’t they live their lives in harmony with these colours, rhythms, forms and melodies?

The thing we look for and love in people is their quality of poetry: we need to see, feel and breathe something ethereal and luminous, something that soothes, harmonizes and inspires us.

Therefore, from now on you must no longer leave poetry to the poets to write. It is your life that must be poetic. Yes, the true art nouveau is to learn to create and diffuse poetry all around you, to be cordial, expressive, luminous and vibrant.

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Blessings of good health, happiness, and light for the new year!

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