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Mastering your Inner Life - #3

"What knowledge, what understanding of life can we acquire if we are not free, inwardly free? It is the absence of inner freedom that prevents humans from discovering the essential truths they need in order to orient themselves in life. So many men and women consider freedom to be the most precious possession, and they will fight to achieve it! Yes, but what they seek is not the freedom that can give them the living knowledge able to sustain them and save them. On the contrary, they are engaged in activities that enslave them and blind them. It is as if they were walking through a magnificent landscape or garden but were so weighed down with worries and grief they were unable to see any of it. All the wonders of heaven and earth are there, all around them and within them, but to see them and understand them they would have to be free, inwardly free."

Obtaining True Freedom

"You wish to feel free? Work at elevating your thoughts and feelings, for true freedom is inner freedom. Of course, it is preferable to be free to move on the physical plane, too, but consider that freedom as secondary. The only freedom worth aspiring to is inner freedom. For, what use will it be if you are able to go about freely wherever you like but are carrying with you thoughts and feelings that are poisoning you, fettering you and will one day end up confining you to your bed? What kind of freedom will that be?
So it is not so much physical freedom you should be seeking, for often with that kind there is every possibility you will lose your way and become trapped. Seek wisdom, love, truth, justice and kindness instead, for then, wherever you are and whatever the circumstances, you will feel free."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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