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Daily Meditation: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Medicine - despite progress, our health depends principally on our own vigilance

Nature, as well as producing and supporting the germs of illnesses, also possesses the means of curing them. But if humans lead unreasonable lives, they allow harmful germs to develop, and they limit the effectiveness of beneficial elements. You will say, ‘Medical science is making so much progress now, it is bound to find cures for us…’ No, medical science is not bound to do anything at all, for its powers are limited. Whatever advances it has made or will make, it will be powerless in the face of the negligence and negative attitude of those who refuse to recognize or conform to nature’s laws. So, beware; the greater the progress made by science and technology, the more aware, careful and vigilant humans must be. These advances bring many advantages, make many things easier, but at the same time they also bring many temptations, seductions and, therefore, dangers. If you want to be in good health, rely on yourself rather than on medical science. Try especially to live in conditions that strengthen your body’s defences.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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