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in a spiritual work - #3

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Each principle aspires to an ideal ... Each principle needs food, needs to be nourished, strengthened and fortified in order to attain its ideal, and we must give it what it needs so that it may continue to manifest itself...we have to pay a price for this nourishment... and we have to do a work in order to earn the currency with which to pay.

Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 2
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Heart - Love - Music


Angelic beings appreciate harmony and are attracted by music and singing...Sounds, whether instrumental or vocal, have enormous power because the vibrations they produce are so strong. We must, therefore, become aware of the power of music and find out how we can use its vibrations, which when amplified by the feelings of those who are playing or listening create a conducive atmosphere for beings of light to visit us.
What does it mean to live with love? It simply means breathing, eating, walking, looking, listening with love. You think you know all that… Well, you don’t. To live with love is to rise to that state of consciousness that brings harmony to your thoughts, feelings and actions and keeps you in balance.


 Creation: Artistic and Spiritual      The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy
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Love and Sexuality - Part 1      Love and Sexuality - Part 2
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