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Daily Meditation: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Powers of life - give them the means to triumph within

Both within and without, human beings are constantly involved in the battle between the principle of life and the principle of death. These two opposing powers are constantly confronting each other and it is always the weakness of one that makes the strength of the other. When a kingdom is powerful and prospers, all its enemies keep their distance. But as soon as it begins to weaken through the negligence of its governors or the unwillingness of citizens, the enemies take the opportunity to attack and destroy it. Well the same happens within us, as enemies are always threatening to weaken us by taking away our peace, our inspiration and our courage; they await the slightest moment of inattention on our part. This is why we must be aware of our inner states so as to be able to stand up immediately against these hostile forces. Since we have come to earth to carry out some work, we must not let forces of death become victorious. We must help the powers of life as much as we can, through knowledge, faith, hope and love, so that they may triumph within us.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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