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Daily Meditation: Sunday, February 24, 2019

Psychology of the future - absorption of our lower nature by our higher nature

In nature, all creatures serve as food for others. This is a law, and this law is true on the psychic plane just as it is on the physical plane. What exactly is the battle between good and evil? It is the clash of two hungry entities. It's very obvious – all they do is devour each other. In humans, good and evil are present in the form of their higher nature and their lower nature. The greatest desire of the lower nature is to grab us and devour us. It tries to catch us and feed off us twenty times, thirty times, fifty times a day. And those who were not vigilant sacrifice a few morsels to their lower nature. They then feel weakened, while their still famished lower nature sets off in search of new prey. This is why we must put our higher nature first and, each day, make sure it can get its teeth on a few pieces of our lower nature. After chewing it well and swallowing it, our higher nature transforms it and makes it its own. Psychology of the future will be based on the understanding of this process: absorption, digestion and assimilation of our lower nature by our higher nature.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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