The beneficial presence of the Sun - 4

The meaning and the role of the Sun in a spiritual work


''In the morning, when you watch the sunrise, do your best to capture the first ray, for your whole day depends on the state in which you receive it. When the first ray appears, you should have already made your connection to the sun, so you can feel your higher Self as part of it, as one of its flames. And as your higher Self lives in the sun, this means you also live there, you bathe in its light, and by merging with the cosmic force emanating from it you are regenerated. The day you do this exercise with full awareness, you will form a magic bond between the ephemeral reality of your human self, living here on earth, and the eternal reality of your higher Self, living in the sun. Once your human self becomes identified with your divine Self, you will taste ambrosia, the food of immortality that comes from the sun, and you will become citizens of heaven."


Outer Sun,
Inner Sun

Merging with the cosmic force emanating from it

Whenever you get the chance, think of doing this exercise. Close your eyes, concentrate and try to come closer to the divine centre within. You will gradually begin to feel that those thoughts, feelings or desires not resonating harmoniously are led back to this centre to revolve around it as intended. You suffer from your inability to control your psychic life; you would like to experience your world as an organized one. Try to bring together all those disparate elements that are going off in every direction, and in the same way that the planets revolve around the sun, train them to revolve around your inner sun. Then, yes, you can talk of order, balance, harmony and the kingdom of God. Because there is a centre, a nucleus, all the other elements find their place and their intended path, and they achieve this without colliding with one another.

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