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Daily Meditation: Saturday, May 14, 2005

Superior nature - learn to discern its voice

Daily Meditation:  Saturday, May 14, 2005

More and more today, radio, television and magazines are disseminating points of view which they characterize as great progress. According to them, people should seek to satisfy their desires and cravings without restraint, because to resist the voice of nature, or to go against it, is apparently very bad for them. Obviously, it is wonderful to be encouraged to do whatever we want. Nevertheless, if they were lucid and honest, people would realize that at times the voice they hear within themselves is telling them something completely different. It is advising them to be more reasonable, to exercise more self control, and it also reproaches them. Undoubtedly, this voice expresses itself less often and more quietly, but it’s presence cannot be denied. Well, this simply means that it too is the voice of nature, but the voice of the higher nature, whereas the other is the voice of the lower nature. Because these two natures co-exist in us, they each try to make themselves heard, and we must learn to distinguish their voices.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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