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Daily Meditation: Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood - its programme

You say you understand the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood and are convinced of its value. But know that for this to be true there are three conditions that must be met. First, you must accept an idea that is higher than all other ideas: that the whole of humanity can one day form a single family, in which happiness, joy, freedom, light and peace will reign. Next, you must love this idea selflessly, in other words, make sure it doesn’t involve any intention to benefit yourself or gain personal satisfaction or control over others. Because when selfish, personal elements come into play, they bring with them the seeds of all conflict and division. And finally, this idea exists in the heart in the form of selfless love, and you must bring it down onto the physical plane. In other words, you must express it through appropriate gestures, attitudes and behaviour. See how simple it is! When you love this idea, which is so luminous, so grandiose and so beneficial for the whole world, and when your love is devoid of greed or ulterior motive, you will still have to realize it in your actions.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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