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Thanks Giving - #3

Gratitude towards Heaven and its magical power

"Only gratitude towards heaven can save you in times of trial. But try explaining this to people, who don’t even give thanks for the happiness that comes their way! And yet, thanking heaven even for our difficulties and misfortunes is the best way to transform them. If you cry out and rebel in the face of an ordeal, you will feel it weigh even more heavily on you. But if you say: ‘Thank you, Lord, this is surely happening to me for a reason. I must have something to learn from it. I’m not perfect, and these events will once again help me improve myself and become stronger’, you will immediately feel something brighten within you. You will see your difficulties in a different light, as if you had wrapped them in a film of pure gold."


"Think each day of thanking heaven, until you feel that everything that happens to you is for your good. From now on, say 'Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord...' Give thanks for the things you have and for those you do not have, for the things that delight you and for those that make you suffer. In this way you will keep the flame alive within you. It is a law you should be familiar with: nothing can resist gratitude. You will say, 'But how can anyone give thanks when they are unhappy, ill or poverty-stricken? I'll never be able to!' Yes, you can, and this is the greatest secret: even when you are unhappy, try to find a reason to give thanks. If you are poor or ill, give thanks, give thanks, and rejoice when you see others who are rich, in good health and prosperous, and you'll see... It won't be long before certain doors open and blessings begin to be showered upon you."

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