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A Belief in Reincarnation:

the lost Doctrine revealed



The Christians believed in reincarnation until the fourth century, as did the Jews, Egyptians, Indians, Tibetans... But no doubt the Church Fathers said to themselves that this belief gave people too much time, they were improving too slowly, and if the idea of reincarnation was eliminated they would make more rapid progress for they would think that they had only one life in which to become perfect!

Gradually the Church invented more and more horrors in order to frighten people into obedience, so that by the Middle Ages all they believed in was devils, Hell and everlasting damnation! Belief in reincarnation was abolished so that fear and dread would force people to live better lives, but the result was that not only did they not improve, they became worse and worse – and ignorant to boot! We must get back to this belief. Without it nothing is true, nothing in life makes sense, God is a monster of cruelty.

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Nowadays, more and more Christians are leaving their religion and turning to other forms of spirituality, without really knowing what they are getting into and without realizing just how dangerous it can sometimes be. In what are known as the esoteric or occult sciences, you find the best and the worst, and those who are tempted to devote themselves to them are not all able to tell the difference. Those who leave Christianity for eastern spirituality say it is mainly because it offers disciplines and a philosophy: meditation and breathing techniques, as well as a knowledge of the laws of karma, which throw light on the meaning of our destiny. But what is there to stop a Christian from practicing meditation, breathing and even the different yogas? And what is there to prevent a Christian from accepting reincarnation? For those who really know how to read the Gospels, there are certain passages that can only be explained by reincarnation.

  • If you do not understand that reincarnation was implicit in everything that Jesus taught, you are putting him in a very bad light, for either he was no psychologist, he knew nothing about human nature and he was asking babes in arms to move mountains, or he had no idea of who his heavenly Father was and there was no rhyme nor reason in what he said.
  • Take away the notion of reincarnation and everything in the Bible, in the Gospels and even in life, becomes meaningless. I have pointed this out to you time and time again! Without reincarnation God is seen as a capricious being who does whatever he pleases and suddenly flies into a rage and condemns people to hell for all eternity. How is it possible to believe that God could be such a monster? Besides, every event or circumstance in our lives would be utterly meaningless. Why do we have the children we have? Why are we born rich or poor?
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Why do we have good or bad health? Why are we virtuous or vicious, intelligent or stupid, beautiful or ugly? Is the only answer to these questions the arbitrary, capricious will of God? And if so, how much responsibility do men and women have?
None at all. So why are we told that humans are responsible for what they do? Without reincarnation this is all thoroughly illogical,whereas if you accept reincarnation everything makes sense and becomes clear. Why have Christians taken away the main beam which holds up the whole edifice? Without it, the entire structure disintegrates. They want to do without reincarnation but they will never succeed. As soon as they accept reincarnation again, everything will become clear…


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