The Path to 'Everlasting Love' - 1

How can you preserve your love? How can you make it last? It is the subtler sensations that sustain love, that prolong life and make it beautiful.

That is where the true elixir of eternal life is to be found.

The day humans understand the sacrifice it has made in coming among them and are willing to receive its message, maybe they will become like it: wherever they go, they will fill the atmosphere with a delightful fragrance."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


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"According to one tradition, roses are entities, which come from the planet Venus and have agreed to incarnate on earth to help humans. But who is aware of the mission that roses have? People make use of them to decorate gardens and apartments, to attract a man or seduce a woman, when, in fact, the rose is there to reveal to us the path of true love. That is the rose's role and message. If the rose is considered the queen of flowers, it is because it teaches us true love, love that does not confine, love that sets free.

Love Greater Than Faith
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