The Path to 'Everlasting Love' - 2

How can you preserve your love? How can you make it last? It is the subtler sensations that sustain love, that prolong life and make it beautiful.

That is where the true elixir of eternal life is to be found.

Send gifts of spiritual light to the person you love and want to be loved by, surround them with colours, in the knowledge that light and colours are living entities. When their soul senses the presence of these benevolent entities, it will be grateful to you, and little by little it will open up to you."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


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"A declaration of love’… There are many things that could be said about this phrase. Men and women are so used to declaring their love in concrete ways: talking, writing, gestures; but in fact by this way, they imprison the one they love. And if they claim that it’s the strength of their feelings that makes them act in that way, then they are really admitting a weakness. Those who truly love do not express it; it is not necessary, for the love is felt – it radiates out. The only means of attracting love that we have the right to use is light – it is also the only truly effective one.

Love Greater Than Faith
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