Master your destiny
and reclaim your freedom:

The Promise of Reincarnation


Why is one born in a particular country and a particular family? Why is one healthy, rich, illustrious and powerful, or on the contrary poor, handicapped and miserable? Those who think they are entirely free must put up with their fate because of their ignorance of the laws which govern the invisible world. The reply to these questions not only helps the disciple to unravel the tangled threads of his life, it also gives him the tools he must have in order to become master of his own destiny.'
'Man, Master of his Destiny
$ 8.88

The Seeds of Happiness
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Reincarnation (Sunbeam Collection)
$ 12.95

In the face of some human destinies, you may be tempted to say to yourself that such lifetimes make no sense. These people had the possibility to learn, to understand, to do something useful, but they seem to have learned nothing, understood nothing and done nothing, except make mistakes! Was there any point in their being alive?

Well, that is very faulty reasoning. A person’s present lifetime is just one link in a long chain. If we are to understand what any man or woman is living during any one of their incarnations, it is important not to consider that incarnation in isolation, but to link it to all their past incarnations over centuries and millennia and, at the same time, to know that this lifetime will continue into the future.
Every life has meaning, and rather than giving our opinion on the lives of others, every one of us must try to bring more and more meaning to our own life in order to prepare our future."

Do you want to know where you will go when you leave the earth? It is simple: you will be naturally drawn to those regions that have been the focus of your desires all your life. If you use your energies to ask for intelligence, love and beauty and also to embody them this lifetime, you can be absolutely certain there is no force that can prevent you from going to find them in the regions your heart longs for.

Those who try to live each day in keeping with the divine laws make contact with the spirits of light, which come to settle in them: the spirits, attracted by them, join with them in their work. Later, when these people leave the earth, when their physical body disintegrates and all the particles that make it up return to the four elements, they will find themselves in the next world in the company of the spirits they have attracted. In this way, each one of you, without knowing it, and without yet knowing the friends who will be there with you, is working to create the society you will be part of in the world beyond. That is the explanation for what religions have called hell and heaven.

Cosmic Moral Law
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Death and the Life Beyond
$ 3.96
Reincarnation of great beings:
Through their love for humans

A Living Book, Autobiographical Reflections 1
$ 14.97


When a human being, by dint of hard work, self-denial and sacrifices, has become completely free, with no more karmic debts to pay, they are no longer subject to the law of reincarnation. From then on, the heavenly regions are their dwelling place, where they live in bliss and light. But among those beings who have found freedom, a few decide to come back to earth to help their human brothers and sisters, whom they see suffering. So, although they are free and experiencing the joys of infinity and eternity, they feel the need to cast a glance at those poor humans among whom they once lived and to whom they still feel connected despite the great distance between them. After hundreds, even thousands, of years, they still remember, and in the greatness and fullness of their heart they decide to come back down to share in their hardships and help them.


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