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Have you noticed
Reincarnation is visible
in the cycles of Nature?

There is a parallel between the Cycle of human Reincarnation and the cycle of water; the similarities are very far-reaching. The snow that falls in the Alps or Pyrenees melts and rushes down the mountainside in torrents. As it reaches the valley it mingles with the waters of other streams and rivers and ends by flowing into the sea or the ocean. What do we know about where its journey takes it once it has been transformed into vapour? We only know that one day, depending on the winds and currents in the atmosphere, it will fall again in the form of rain, snow or hail somewhere in the world, very far perhaps from the regions it knew before. And the cycle goes on, repeating itself time after time. In the same way, when human souls reincarnate they do not find themselves in the same country or the same conditions as before.

The river bed is the same but the water that flows between its banks is always new; it comes from every corner of the world, and as it moves on towards the sea it is constantly followed by more new water, and so on, in a perpetual succession. Yes, a country is a river. The souls that meet and come together in it are all very different from each other, but they are there for a time in obedience to a decree of destiny. Some of them may have incarnated in that country once before, but the majority come from elsewhere.

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If they knew about reincarnation and the law of cause and effect, human beings might realize that it is no good just waiting and hoping. You have to prepare the ground to get what you ask for. They might realize that if they had worked harder in previous incarnations they would have all they want in their present lives. To believe you can reap where you have not sown is a superstition.  If you sow good seeds in fertile ground at a favourable moment, they will germinate and grow. Some seeds may be lost, but the majority will grow and bear fruit.

What is agriculture about? Putting seeds and plants in the ground, and a seedling becomes a tree laden with fruit. In the spiritual world as in the physical world, if you want to receive love, light, joy and all the blessings of heaven, you must also sow and plant.
But there, of course, the seeds and seedlings are of a different nature: they are thoughts, feelings, actions, words, looks and smiles inspired by everything that is best in your heart and soul. And in return, you will receive an abundance of flowers and fruit. True faith, on the other hand, is knowing that after you sow, you will reap, either in this or another life, or even through your children.

It is to be hoped that more and more people will accept the reality of reincarnation, so long as they know how to make use of it for their evolution. Actually, it is not difficult to know a person’s past. You can know what they have been from how they are today, their qualities and failings, their aptitudes and shortcomings: the way they are in this incarnation has not come about by accident. The law of cause and effect, which operates throughout creation, has acted to fashion their present lifetime. So, now they should be taking care of their present, in preparation for their future.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

(Daily Meditation october 14, 2012 - Reincarnation, what attitude to have toward this reality)


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