The invisible - Astral Projection - #2


When one realizes that human beings spend approximately one third of their lives asleep, how can one help hoping that this time is not entirely wasted, that it serves some useful purpose? Why shouldn’t the soul and spirit have the chance to learn or to do some useful work while the physical body is recuperating?

To work while we are asleep?  I can assure you, it is possible; in fact, it is highly desirable. If you want to do this, before going to sleep at night, put yourself in touch mentally with the regions of the universe that you would like to visit so as to get to know the beings that dwell in them and be allowed to learn from them.

Someone who has never had any practice in making his body the instrument of his spirit is not capable of freeing himself for spiritual work in the invisible world while he is asleep. You must realize that the body has a very important role to play in the spiritual life. If it is not well trained it can prevent the spirit from leaving it and doing the work it has to do. There is more than one kind of sleep, you know…

To many people, sleep is just a physiological function! They are tired and they go to sleep, just as they eat because they are hungry, without being aware that sleeping, like taking food and all other physiological functions, can be experienced on a level higher than the physical. You will prove it if you make a habit of preparing yourself as you are about to fall asleep by saying, ‘Lord, while I am asleep, I want to learn. Accept me in your school of love, wisdom and truth, so that I may learn to give ever richer meaning to my life.’ The next day, when you wake up, open your eyes consciously, and for a few minutes start to analyse your inner state, the thoughts and feelings that come to you. You will discover that you have received the solution to a problem, insights into a matter that is preoccupying you. Do not get up without doing this review first.

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Astral Projection while asleep


During the night, though, an initiate can be in several places at once to help those who need him. You, too, can begin to work in this way. Before going to sleep, tell yourself, ‘I am going to leave my body tonight and go and study in the invisible world and try to help those who are in need.’ Never forget to go to sleep with the magnificent goal in mind of doing some work on the invisible plane, for it is this thought that makes everything possible.
When you have a problem or question that worries you, you can try to find the solution during your sleep by writing it down on a piece of paper and putting the paper under your pillow. We can all use the work of the subconscious that goes on at night to help us accomplish our plans and ideas. Is there something you really want to achieve? A weakness you want to overcome or a quality you want to acquire? Meditate at length and then go to sleep with this desire in mind and it will continue to work while you are asleep.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Picture : Josephine Wall

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