The Night of Wesak - May, 4 in 2015 - #2
"Prepare yourselves"

Extracts of an unpublished lecture of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, May, 1 1947:

"Every year on the full moon of May, the Initiates of the world gather in Agartha, physically or astrally. This year's ceremony will take place on the night of 4 to 5 May (in 1947). We will work together to join this ceremony, and I ask you to prepare yourself. We will connect to Agartha even before this night ...

We will fast for twenty-four hours, with prayers and meditations. Nothing more. But we will also be able to receive some extraordinary fragrances that the Initiates will send, because we will be linked to them. On 5th May (1947), we will hold a longer silence than usual in the morning. During this silence, those of you who know how to orientate their thinking, will direct it to the place of the meeting."Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov">To listen some extracts >>>


"For those who cannot do such work, there will be no recommendation, they will not be told anything special. They can also direct their attention to Agartha, which will allow the ceremony to produce better results.
To connect yourselves to Agartha, one thing is necessary: harmony. And another one: you must have forgiven all your enemies. We cannot live this ceremony if we retain the slightest misunderstanding in our life.

These beneficial conditions will allow our prayers to be answered. During the day and even during the night, we can go astrally to Agartha to attend the ceremony. Do your best. Prepare yourselves. It would be wonderful to take part in that work. You could fast on the 4th or 5th May (1947).
You will adopt a positive attitude that allows you to link to the initiates, with the thought of receiving the blessing they will send to all the children of God. We could work together and recite using formulas that I know, but for this, anything that is not harmonious must be eliminated. Any disharmony can cause great trouble.
Each of you can connect to the Wesak ceremony, either on your own or as part of a group, as you prefer.
To be known to the spirits of the divine world, you have to be seen by them. What does the captain of a ship do when his ship is sinking? He sends a Mayday signal or a rocket flare, so that he can be rescued. If you do not send a luminous signal to the sky, who will know up above that you are sinking? In order to be seen, you have to cut through the darkness by projecting a powerful light.
Thanks to a celestial love that has nothing to do with normal love, attract to yourself the attention of invisible spirits who watch over humanity.”

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