The Festival of Wesak - #3

"Let us continue our work

for a High Ideal, a Divine Idea"

"Every human collective, every religious, political or cultural movement and every country of the world forms an 'egregor'. An egregor is a psychic collective being formed by the thoughts, wishes and fluidic emanations of all the individual members of a collective working together towards the same goal. Each egregor has its own particular form and characteristics: the egregor of France takes the form of a cock, that of Russia, a bear, and so on. But neither the cock, nor the bear, nor the tiger nor the dragon can solve the problems of the whole world.
In fact, it can happen that egregors of different nations declare war on each other on the subtler planes of being - clairvoyants sometimes see these conflicts - and not long after, war breaks out on earth.
It is time now for humanity to unite in forming the Egregor of the Dove of Peace, which will bring the Golden Age, the Kingdom of God on earth."


You will only really find plenitude when working for this high ideal:
spreading love and light everywhere.

Each time you come here to pray, meditate and sing, you are accumulating treasures. And we must never think we are alone. How many times have I told you that we are accompanied by thousands and thousands of invisible beings taking part in our work! This work for a divine idea, for a high ideal, is our only true food; no other activity can truly fulfil us. Whatever else you do, you might believe that you are happy for a moment, but the next moment you will feel something is missing. You will only really find plenitude when working for this high ideal: spreading love and light everywhere.

Yes, an idea, working for an idea... Meditate on this. An idea is a living being that comes from a very high realm, from the higher world of thoughts, and this creature works within you. As long as you cherish and nurture it, this idea will shape and form you until, one day, you are able to reflect this world of ideas, which is the realm of archetypes, the divine world. That is the point of working for a divine idea: such an idea provides all the possibilities for shaping and improving you, and one day you will become a citizen of this world of beings called ideas. That is why you should work for an idea – to be connected to the higher world. When there are no longer any ideas working on you like bees to bring you their blessings, you are deprived of everything of the best.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

The High Ideal
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